This time a later post about the race last Saturday. We had a race from Peronne 232 km and it would be a race with a heavy tailwind.
We send our complete team off 128 birds, keep pigeons home for the expected weather we never do.
In the morning he weather was nice and they liberate at 10:00 with the strong SW-wind we expected them around 12:00. At 12:03 we get one back from the north which we clocked at 12:04. Then the came well but because the heavy wind they didn’t came down well. Our 1st pigeon came home with a speed off 112 km/our!!
In the section we started with the 5th approx 4852 bs. and with 60 prizes Provincial it was another good result.

In the Section approx 4852 bs. we won: 5,60,62,63,66,80,84,115,118,129,133,134,144,175,178,232,265,286 etc.

Our first bird was the 16-637 who won 34 prizes and in 2019 allready 2x 1:100 with 5th 4852 bs. and 31th 5913 bs. She is bred from “Blauwe 10” a very good breeder and the mother is direct from our base-pigeons “Goede 83” x “Esmee”

2nd bird 15-301 “Super 301” is a super racinghen and also in 2019 4 prizes on 4 races!!Father is topbreeder “Henk” direct Henk de Weerd and mother is top breedinghen “Gertje” direct Gert vd Bogaard.
3rd bird 17-970 “New Romy” our topper as yearling with 8th Pipa-Ranking and in 2019 allready 4 very good prizes. Father is topbreeder “Goede 83” and mother is “Romy” 1st National Ace!!
4th bird 18-313 won 8 prizes as YB and in 2019 4 on 4 races!! The father is direct Bart Verbeek and the mother is “Super 301”
5th bird 18-347 is a yearling with 2 prizes on 4 races. The father is “Esmee 045” bred from base-pigeons “Super Ace 10” and “Esmee” and the mother is “Wouwerke 676“ direct Bart Verbeek.