Today we had 2e races the NPO-race youngsters from Sens (390 Km) and the 1st Autumn race from Asse-Zellik (89 km).
It was expected nice weather but in the morning we had a closed cloud again. In Sens the weather was good and the liberate 07:30 AM and for Asse Zellik we must wait till 11:30 am.

From Sens the pigeons came in the beginning normal but there were already big gaps between the first pigeons. After the first pigeons the came very bad so when we bring in the clocks around 40-50% was home.
We won 20th, 32th, 48th, 54th en 55th NPO that is not bad but expected more.

Clubmember A.J.M.J van Abeelen won the 3rd NPO Sens 9376 d. with a youngster direct from us.

To Asse-Zellik we send our old hens and some youngsters. They came very well and the prizes in the club where won in 4 minutes. We won 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.
The winner was yearling hen 15-3531327 who already won 12 prizes this year and also as youngsters she raced well.
Her father is direct Ad Schaerlaeckens which we get from our English friend Tony Hesketh. He bring him over end 2014 en in 2015 we bred direct a winner from him.
Her mother is a daughter to nieuw base-hen “Esmee” gekoppeld and “Super Ace 10”
As 2nd pigeon we clock “New Esmee” a superb racing hen and daughter to “Esmee” paired to “Goede 83”.
And the 3rd is a yearling 15-3531301 who race well as youngster and this season she won 10 prizes at this moment. She is bred from “Gertje” paired to “Henk” afkomstig van Interpalomas Lofts Henk de Weerd

Results from Asse-Zellik and Sens:
Club 602 p.: 1,2,3,5,7,13,15,16 and 53 prizes from 93
HVB 2262 p.: 2,3,4,6,9,19,25,26 and 59 prizes
Rayon 4 4930 p.: 2,3,4,7,10,22,29,30,37 and 67 prizes

Club 648 p.: 7,9,10,12,13,20,21,24 and 30 prizes from 102
HVB 1245 p.: 8,12,17,20,21,29,30,36 and 31 prizes
Rayon 4 2096 p.: 9,13,19,23,24,39,41 and 30 prizes
Brabant 2000 9376 p.: 20,32,48,54,55,86,90 and 36 prizes