7And some other nice results from this season.
Today they published the championships from Fondclub Zuid Nederland and in our department Brabant 2000 we made some nice results:
3rd Golden Champion
3rd Golden Crack YB with NL 16-3630502
6th Golden Crack long distance with NL 15-3531372
10th Golden Crack long distance with NL 13-3328711
11th Golden Crack long distance with NL 14-3433013

Nice detail is that 3 from these pigeons are grandchildren to base-hen “Esmee” and the 4th pigeon (13-711) has as grandmother a sister to “Esmee”.

The youngsters 16-502 won on the NPO-races:
54th NPO Sens 9145 p.
120th NPO Orleans 3128 p.
151th NPO Gien 4466 p.

Also we became in the Gouden duif competition from Sportmagazine De Duif in the series Fond (June/July) on the 7th place from The Netherlands. It is the second nomination from this year.

16-3630502Goudencrack jongGoudencracks dagfondgouden afdelingskampioenschap