Today the first race of the season was from Niergnies 198 km en we send our whole team from 120 birds.
The where liberated with a tailwind at 09:15 and we clocked our first one at 11:03 after making a lot of rounds around the loft. They came well so they must be in a good condition.
It was not yet a topresult but with 83 prizes Provincial we had a good start of the season

Provincial: 50,120,131,139,156,162,175,203,221,259,362,366 etc.

1st bird 18-445 raced well as yearling, In her pedigree all our base-breeders.
2nd bird 18-453 won 17 prizes this season. The father is topbreeder “Goede 83” paired to “Schipperke”. So she is a sister to the 1e NPO Orleans 2018.
3rd bird 18-271 won as yearling 9 prizes. The father is direct from base-breeders “Goede 83 x Gertje” and the mother is “Limogeske” (Frankie x Esmee 212”.