With a day delay we had today our 2nd middle distance race from Creil 312 km.
We also decided to send our long distance pigeons on this race in total we send 88. Only the pigeons who came late last week stay at home.
We expected the pigeon with a speed from ca. 88 km/h and that was the speed they made. We expected with the almost west wind that they would come direct from the good direction but was not true the 1st one came to mch to the west and the others all came from the north.
The result was good with 55 prizes.
Our 1st pigeon was the 1st nominated  and she won now 10 prizes from 10 races with some nice ones: 16th 3361 bs., 27th 5205 bs., 44th 5410 bs., 56th 1962 bs., 70th 2193 bs. and 75th 4662 bs.
She is a halfsister to “Romy” and is bred from “Gertje” from Gert van den Bogaard paired to “Henk” from Interpalomas Lofts Henk de Weerd.
The 2nd pigeon is a yearling from Comb. Paenen de Beer and she won her 7th prize this year with a.o.: 18th 1764bs., 22th 5410 bs., 49th 2601 bs. and 81th 2235 bs.
Ze is een kruising Paenen de Beer met Stabel & ZN (uit zus van “Esmee Ace 454”.
The 3rd pigeon is also a yearling and he is an brother from “Romy ” he now wins on 2 middle distance races: 9th 2235 bs., 19th 1764 bs.
Result Creil:
Club 902 bs.: 5,12,13,25,26,28,29,31,33,36,43,44,45
HVB 1764 bs.: 10,18,19,36,37,40,43,46,49,53,62,63,64
Rayon 4 3361 bs.: 16,50,51,78,82,88,94,97,103,107,123,126,128
creil 4-615-3531301