Yesterday we had a race from Peronne 232 km. The expected weather was very good and with an east-northeast wind they must work to come home.
We send 127 pigeons and they where liberate at 09:40 and we expected them around 12:40.
Our 1st one came from the good direction and was clocked at 12:41 and the others come very fast, so we clocked 89 pigeons in 15 minutes.
We start with prize 16 in the Section again 5658 pigeons and with 89 prizes it was an superb result.
A lot of yearlings are raving very well every week and every week we have a yearlingin front!
Our 1st is a yearling cock 17-835 and won now 4 prizes on 4 races, asYB he also raced well with 3 prizes 1:100!!
He is bred from toppigeons “Goede 83” and “Romy”, ille breed the good ones the new good racers?
2nd one was also a cock 17-807 and he won as YB allready some nice prizes: 34th 2428 bs. and 58th 4125 bs.
The father is a cock from Andre Smits and the mother is “Esmee Ace 454” who became 5th Provincial ace long distance and 13th National Ace-hen WHZB/TBOTB.
The total result in the Section 5658 d.:
16,33,38,39,45,70,72,73,81,91,95,105,107,117,122,163,164,170 etc. and 89 prizes
peronne 21-417-3730835 17-3730807