Wednesday 28 Februari starts our auction from 20 pigeons on Herbots

At the moment it is possible to see which pigeons we offered for this sale, go to future auctions and pres on our picture.

We offered 8 good racers for this auction who all made good results:
– 16-3630638 “Fontenay” 1st NPO Fontenay 6916 bs. and 5x in first 1%
– 15-3533188 “Chateaurouxske” 4th NPO Chateauroux 3828 bs.
– 13-3328711 “Renate” SUPERHEN with 69 prizes and 12x in first 1%
8th National ace-pigeon
8th NPO Issoudun 7275 bs.
9th NPO Limoges 2640 bs.
– 15-3531399 “Chateauroux 99”18th National Chateauroux 37794 bs.
– 14-3436166 “Topperke 166” topclass racinghen with 51 prizes with 8x in first 1%, many ace-pigeon championships
– 14-3436157 “Champ 157” 1st ace-pigeon middle distance and son “de Reus”
– 15-3531891 “Annemiek” 9th National Yearling Pipa-Rankings and 1st ace-pigeon combine.
– 15-3531327 “Esmee 327” 31 prizes with 1st Asse-Zellik 602 bs.

The other 12 offered pigeons are youngsters from our best breeders!!

Take a look in out auction.

Team Herbots did a great job. Thanks Liesbeth Weynen and Jo Herbots