Yesterday we had our first middle distance race of the season from Melun 366 km. Because the expected bad weather they changes the basketing day from Thursday to Friday which was a good decision in mine opinion because they could liberate on Sunday 07:30 am.
We send a team of 125 birds and we expected the first arriving pigeon around 12:30. At 12:31 we get our first one and after that they came not superb in the beginning. Finally we made the 16th Provincial 17.305 bs. and we won 75 prizes (60%). They are not in Superb condition but they do wel at the moment.

The results was:
4.795 bs.: 9,29,35,55,57,62,100,104,134,138,179,217,222,257,271,275,302,309,312 etc.
17.305 bs.: 16,78,96,154,159,173…

Our first arriving pigeon was “Super 301” who is a superb racing hen for many years now.
She is bred from topbreeder “Henk” direct Henk de Weerd paired to breeding sensation “Gertje”
direct Gert vd Bogaard.

2nd bird 18-345 won as YB 7 prizes and this year allready 4. Father is topbreeder “Frankie” who produced good ones for the long distance and the mother is “Annemiek” the 9th yearling National Pipa Rankings.
3rd bird 18-462 won as YB 8 prizes and this season 4. Father is “Blauwe 69” who bred also 4th provincial Ace middle distance. Mother is “Mendy” who won as YB 12/15.184 and 20/11.447 d. provincial, she is bred from a brother to “Romy”.