Today we had our 5th race from the season with Morlincourt 260 km and with a SE-wind we expect a difficult race because we live East. We send the whole team from 121 pigeons.

We expected a speed from 90 km/h but with these wind the pigeons didn’t came from the good line and came more from the west.
The 1st pigeon we saw was for us but she lost 20 seconds to get on the trap, so now we started with the 28th prize 5788 bs.
The pigeons came well and after 25 minutes we had 105 in the clock so it was a good race.

We won in the federatio 79 prizes but they where not enough in the front but it goes every week better and better.

Result on Morlincourt:
Club 1447 bs.: 11,21,31,34,36,38,45,49,50,54,56,57,59 and 61 prizes
HVB 2845 bs.: 17,32,45,48,51,53,68,75,76,83,89,91,94,98,99 and 72 prizes
Rayon 4 5788 bs.: 28,54,79,82,85,89,123,33,136,149,155,158 and 79 prizes (34 prizes 1:20)