Yesterday we had out 4th race from the season. We send the whole team from 122 birds.
In our opinion they are not Superb in condition at this moment.
It was another late liberation and the 5410 pigeons from Rayon 4 where liberated at 14:00 on a distance from 156km..
With the strong NW-wind we expected that they must fly 2 ours.
At 16:01 we get a hen direct from the good direction and quick another one with also 4 from the back-side.
Every week the results gets better and when the temperature is more constant the condition will go to top niveau.
From the 122 we send 63 won a prize so more than 50% and we are happy with that.
Our 1st one is direct form our nabours Comb. Paenen de Beer (50% Stabel pigeons) and our 2nd and 3rd ones are nestsisters (grandchildren Esmee) bred from “Niels”who won 1st Creil 6075 bs. and the mother is direct from Bart Verbeek from Poppel (100% vd Wouwer).
Below the result on Quievrain:
Club 1267 bs.: 12,14,25,29,37,38,40,44,45
HVB 2558 bs.: 17,20,36,40,55,56,59,64
Rayon 4 5410 bs.: 22,25,43,47,64,65,68,73,79