Yesterday after a day delay they liberated the birds in Chateauroux 577km and Peronne 232km.
The birds in Argenton where liberated at 07:00 am and we send a team off 51 birds.
The wind was West and at the start north-west. We expected the first birds around 14:00 pm. Our first one arrived at 14:09 quick followed by number 2 at 14:11 and then they came very well. Finally we win etc. NPO Provincial and with 29 prizes it was a very good result.

The birds in Peronne where liberated at 08:45 am. We send 74 YB and 48 old ones. At 11:15 we get our first bird and than they came very well. With the YB we start with 4 & 10 Provincial and e won 31 prizes. With the old ones we start with 17&18 Provincial and the won 30 prizes. So on both races a good result.

Results last weekend :
Chateauroux 2558 bs.: 2,3,24,28,30,40,65,81,91,148,159,160,164 etc. 29/51
Peronne Jong 7161 bs.: 4,10,26,27,38,39,84,85,103,131,139,195 etc. 31/74
Peronne oud 4763 bs.: 17,18,30,38,39,46,67,84,87,105,162,195 etc. 30/48

1st bird 18-338 “Simone” won as YB allready 10th NPO Melun 7249 bs. and 14th NPO Orleans 4733 bs.
The father is topbreeder “Brother Esmee 354” and the mother is “Topperke 166”.
2nd bird 18-228 was as YB 2nd ace-bird short. She is a full sister to “Romy”. So bred from “Wouwer 662” direct Bart Verbeek paired to “Gertje” direct Gert vd Bogaard.
3rd bird 17-772 is a daughter to a 100% Schaerlaeckens cock from our English friend Tony Hesketh and the mother is a sister to our base-hen “Esmee” On Argenton this year she won 7th NPO.
4th bird 17-823 won as yearling a 10th NPO and this year on Argenton 10th NPO. The father is a brother to base-hen “Esmee” and the mother is a sister to “Romy”.
5th bird 16-721 the topper from season 2018. Father is “Son Super Leo” direct Ad Schaerlaeckens (from friend Tony Hesketh) and the mother is “Esmee 212”.

Peronne YB:
1st bird 19-193 bred from topracer “Max” paired to super racinghen “Liesbeth”.
2nd bird 19-092 the father is a son to “Goede 83 x Esmee” paired to topbreedinghen “Anna”.
3rd bird 19-133 the father is “Grizzle 92” direct Bart Verbeek and the mother is “Broken Wing 429” who won 2x 1st prize.

Peronne old:
1st bird 18-344 this yearling cok is bred from “Cas” 1st NPO Sens from Comb Vromans and the mother is a daughter to “Esmee” x “Super Ace 10”
2nd bird 16-583 won allready more than 50 prizesand is bred from “Niels” 1st Prov. Creil 6075 bs. (son “Esmee” x “Super Ace 10”). And the mother is “Wouwerke 676” direct Bart Verbeek.