Today we had 2 races on the program, but weather that was expected for Holland was not very good.
The first race was Quievrain 156 km and we send 76. They were liberated at 10:00 with a West wind.
We get our 1st at 11:37 and she came direct down on the trapp. And they came very fast and we win 59 prizes!!! In our club we won 1st approx. 1319 bs.
In Section Rayon 4 we won approx 5089 bs.: 2,18,33,38,41,45,80,90,100,119,124,127,128,136,142,17,178,184,188,189,215,237,239,267,279,329 etc. And a prize percentage from 78% is a superb result!!

1st bird 17-748 is a hen who was paired between the YB.She won this weekend 2/5089 bs. and earlier this season 27/4765 bs., 62/5960 bs., 57/4414 bs. etc.
She is a daughter to “Niels” who won 1st Creil 6075 bs. and is a son to basehen “Esmee” paired to “Super Ace 10”.
Mother is a 100% Koopman hen which we get from L Dyk from Poland.

2nd bird 16-524 is a full sister to National Ace “Romy” and so bred fro “Wouwer 662” and “Gertje”. She won her 10th prize from the season.

3rd bird 15-372 is a tophen who became earlier 8th Provincial Ace long distance. She won her 12th prize of the season. She is bred from topbreeders “Frankie” and “New Esmee”.

4th bird 16-721 is our tophen from season 2018, whe won now her 19th prize of the season with 5x 1:100!! She is bred from a cock direct Ad Schaerlaeckens and the mother is topbreedinghen “Esmee 212” (Esmee x Super Ace 10).

On the race from Sens 390 km we send 107 YB. Liberated at 11:00 and we expected them around 15:40. On the last traject they get a lot of rain and the pigeons arrived later. We get our 1st at 16:07 and later they came not very close together.
Provincial we win approx 5162 bs.: 33,50,68,93,122,202,314,322,391,424,447,506,520 etc.
We won 36 prizes and thast is not enough.

1st bird 18-467 is an inbred to “Esmee!! Father is a son to “Esmee” and “Goede 83” and the mother is
topbreedinghen “Esmee 212” (Esmee x Super Ace 10). This cock won his 3rd prize of the season.

2nd bird 18-292 is a grizzle cock who raced well the last weeks. He won his 6th prize of the season with o.a.: 6/1772 bs., 41/3111 bs., 50/5162 bs., 86/2505 bs., 182/7249 bs.
He is bred from a grizzle cock from Bart Verbeek Poppel and mother is topracinghen “Renate” which is transferred to China.

Quievrain 25-817-373074816-363052415-3531372363072118-383146718-5181292