Last Friday we had a race from Melun 366 km, because the expected bad weather in the weekend they liberate on Friday which was a good decision.
At 09:15 liberated and our 73 birds to start on there flight home with a SSW wind.
At 12:57 we get 4 birds together and after that they they came quick so a good decision to liberate on Friday.
In the Section we won 1,2,3 and 4 approx 1419 birds and Provincial NPO 6,8,10 and 17 approx 5317 bs. and in total 30 prizes.
So another top result on NPO race!!

Melun 1419 bs.: 1,2,3,4,8,18,19,22,27,28,30,33,36,43,44,49,57,64,67 etc.

1st bird 19-070 the father starts to be a superbreeder because he bred 1st Provincial, 3rd NPO and now 6th NPO and the mother is “Mendy who won as YB 12th NPO 15184 bs. and 20th Provincial 11447 bs.
2nd bird 19-009 won 6 prizes on 7 races! The father is a son to “De Reus” and bred more good racers and the mother is a daughter to “Esmee” x “Super Ace 10”.
3rd bird 19-144 the father is a son to our base breeder “Goede 83” and the mother is a sister to “Romy”
4th bird 19-051 is a daughter to a 100% Schaerlaeckens cock from our English friend Tony Hesketh and the mother is a daughter to base couple “Goede 83” x “Esmee”.