Last Saturday we had our last long distance race from Vierzon 525 km. Our birds had a good condition and we send almost the whole team, we send 80. They where liberated at 07:45 and we expected them around 15:15. Our first bird arrived at 15:28 back from the north quick followed bij nr 2 at 15:30 and the 3rd one at 15:35. This was good for 1,2,3 in the club and 18, 23 and 40 NPO.
National we won 35 prizes, what was a good result but not superb.
On the long distance our birds came well and they won Provincial/NPO: 1,2,3,7,10,18,20,22,23,24,26,28,30,40,40,41,42,44,46,47,49 etc.
In the club we became 1e champion non-nominated and 2nd loft champion in the Section.

The 2nd race of the day was the YB-race from Morlincourt and we send 79 birds. With a late liberation at 12:00 we expected them around 15:40. We get our first one at 15:41 direct out of the good direction and she went direct on the trapp. We won the 5th prize approx 1.766 bs. and in total 25 prizes which must be better the next weeks!!

Results last weekend:
Chateauroux 854 bs.: 2,3,7,27,33,38,44,46,50,53,64,76,80,89 etc.
Morlincourt 1766 bs.: 5,12,15,23,33,38,40,49,68,92,94 etc.

1st bird 17-772 is a daughter to a 100% Schaerlaeckens cock from our English friend Tony Hesketh and the mother is a sister to our base-hen “Esmee”. She won on the last 3 long distance races 7th NPO Argenton, 18th NPO Vierzon en 24th NPO Chateauroux.
2nd bird 16-617 “Little Queen” was a top racinghen who won ery good prizes on the NPO-races. The father is a 100% Koopman cock and the mother is a 100% Schaerlaeckens hen from our English friend Tony Hesketh.
3rd bird 18-440 became in the section 3rd Ace middle distance.
The father us a son to “Esmee 128” paired to “Anna” and the mother is a daughter to “Romy” 1est National Ace.

1st bird 19-133 the father is “Grizzle 92” direct Bart Verbeek and the mother is “Broken Wing 429” who won 2x 1st prize. She won the last 2 weeks 5th 1.766 bs., 26th 7.161 bs.
2nd bird 19-044 won 3 prizes with 12th 1.766 bs. and 34th 2.118 bs. The father is topbreeder “Yellow Eye” and the mother is “Esmee 360” (Goede 83 x Esmee).
3rd bird 19-031 is bred from “Last One” the last brother from “Esmee” paired to top racinghen “Asduif 452” 4th Provincial Ace middle distance.