Today it would be a very nice race with very good weather. So we send the who team from 126 bs. for a race from Pont St Max. 303 km.
Liberation was at 08:00 with a strong NE-wind so we expected a speed from 72 km/our.

At 12:15 we get our first and another 2 at 12:17 and then we get some gaps, so we are 100% happy with the result.
We had 3 pigeons in front of the list with 8, 13 and 20 again 6373 bs. and in total 67 prizes which is a good result but we expected more.

Again we get 3 yearlings in front and our proven old birds don’t race like last year. We hope they will start soon when our pigeon come in super condition.

1st was a yearling hen 07-923 who won her 2nd prize of the year but 2 times with wind NE-wind. We bred her from “Chateauroux 99” who won last year 18th NATIONAAL 37874 bs. won.
And from motherside “Limogeske” as grandmother who won 3rd NPO Limoges won.

2nd was a yearling widower 17-820 who won now his 5th prize frot he season on 6 races with a.o. 1st 1063 bs., 13th 6373 bs. and 78th 4765 bs. and as YB he also won 7 prizes with 2 times in 1st 1%. He is bred from topbreeder “Yellow Eye” paired to a daughter from base-breeders “Goede 83” and “Esmee”.

3rd was also a widower 17-774 which is a brother to 1st NPO Orleans 5110 bs.
This cock won his 5th prize from the season with 17th 2282 bs., 20th 6373 bs. and 75th 4765 bs.
He is bred form a direct cock from Ad Schaerlaeckens paired to topbreedinghen “Jackie” a full sister to Esmee.

The result from today:
Rayon 4 6373 bs.: 8,13,20,47,139,193,197,212,224,247,271,308,321,334

pont st max17-373092317-373082017-3730774