Project Description

Information updated 15-06-2016

Winner in Combine and start to become a Superb breeder.

In a short racing career (because wingproblem) he won 21 prizes with a.o.:
1st Pommeroeul 384 pigeons
1st Pommeroeul 1557 pigeons HVB
2nd Pommeroeul 715 pigeons
3rd Pommeroeul 2406 pigeons HVB
3rd Pomemroeul 4254 pigeons Union Rayon 4
4th Creil 380 pigeons
13th Creil 383 pigeons
17th Creil 874 pigeons
17th Poitiers 201 pigeons
18th St Quentin 945 pigeons
19th Sens 422 pigeons
37th Creil 1694 pigeons HVB
40th Poitiers 1387 pigeons Union Rayon 4
62th Creil 3266 pigeons HVB
66th St Quentin 3392 pigeons HVB
66th Creil 1521 pigeons HVB
73th Sens 1587 pigeons HVB
96th Creil 7300 pigeons Union Rayon 4
118th St Quentin 6958 pigeons Union Rayon 4
146th Poitiers NPO 4863 pigeons Brabant 2000

In a short breeding career he bred every year a winner:
– NL 13-3334820 who won as youngster:
1st ace-pigeon young in club
1st ace-pigeon young combine HVB
2nd ace-pigeon young combine Rayon 4
He won a.o. in combine:
8th Wolvertem 5980 p. Rayon 4
19th Meaux 3084 p. Rayon 4 (63th 11759 p.)
22th Morlincourt 3949 p. Rayon 4 (83th 14403 p.)
87th Pommeroeul 4633 p. Rayon 4
153th Nijvel 4718 p. Rayon 4

– NL 14-3433017 he won 19 prizes with in combine a.o.:
1st Roye 2050 p. HVB
13th Asse-Zellik 1751 p. HVB
22th Morlincourt 1268 p. Rayon 4
24th Sens 1352 p. HVB
60th Creil 1241 p. HVB
71th Creil 3678 p. Rayon 4
84th St Quentin 3021 p. HVB
89th Morlincourt 2963 p. HVB

– NL 15-3531337: “Schipperke” became as youngster:
1st ace-pigeon young middle distance
1st ace-pigeon young middle distance Combine Union Rayon 4
1st ace-pigeon young Combine Hart van Brabant
2nd ace-pigeon young provincial Brabant 2000
She won 5x top 12 in our club and in the combine she won without doubles a.o.:
1st Creil 3293 p. Brabant 2000
22th Sens 1533 p. HVB
22th Gien 902 p. HVB,
25th Creil 6912 p. Brabant 2000
28th Quievrain 2248 p. HVB
56th Creil 1970 p. HVB