Yesterday after a day delay we had the last short distance race in our club for the championship short distance 1. Our club decided to split the short distance races in 2 championships. We became 1.champion non-nominated and 4th nominated.
The pigeons where liberated at 09:15 and had a strong north wind and some rain to come home.
We send our whole team off 125 pigeons and we expected them around 12:15. Our first ones arrived at 12:17 but it takes a long time to get him down on the trapp and we clocked him at 12:18. After the first one the others didn’t came well in the beginning so not a topresult this weekend. In the section we start with 37.prize 4802 bs. and we won 58 prizes (46%).

The result was in the section:
4802 d.: 37,65,116,125,144,174,178,185,188,206,208,209,211,212,216,217,219,224,231,233 etc.

As first we clocked the 18-412 a yearling cock who won his prize for the 3rd week in a row with 2 weeks back 5/5913 bs. The father is “Champ 157” 1.ace middle distance and the mother is “Witpenneke 583 who won 45 prizes (bred from “Niels” x “Wouwerke 676” direct Bart Verbeek)

2nd bird 17-902 won as yearling 15 prizes and in 2019 5 on 5 races. The father is “Romy 663” bred from “Champ 157” x “Romy” 1.National Ace!!! The mother is a daughter to topbreeder “Super Ace 10” x base-hen “Esmee”
3rd bird 18-275 is bred from “Romy 663” who came out “Champ 157” x “Romy” 1.National Ace!! The mother is a inbred product to our base-pigeons “Goede 83” and “Esmee”.
4th bird 18-308 raced superb as yearling with 1/1772, 3/3617, 36/4733, 41/5289 ,40/3111 and is a brother to 1.NPO Orleans 4733 bs. As yearling he won 5 prizes on 5 races. Father is base-breeder “Goede 83” and mother is “Schipperke”.
5th bird 17-3730737 won this season 4 prizes on 4 races. The father is direct Andre Smits Zundert and the mother is “Edith” the mother to base-hen “Esmee”